Doing Good and Doing Well! | Conscious Capitalism Part One

For the last 25 years I have been speaking and consulting on culture change- subscribing to the tenets of conscious capitalism not knowing there was such a movement. It was gratifying to come across the book Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business, which echoes what I have been advocating- with clients from the United States Marine Corp to the SPCA of North Texas, that organizations can both do well and do good; whether they be a for profit or nonprofit. 

This discovery led to my producing a McCuistion program on this topic. We interviewed the authors; cofounders of the movement itself, John Mackey, Co-CEO of Whole Foods Market and Raj Sisodia, PhD, author of Firms of Endearment and a professor of marketing at Bentley University.

The cofounders of Conscious Capitalism, Inc believe in the inherent good of business and capitalism. Their book asserts that business needs to be conducted with a higher consciousness so we create financial and emotional, physical, ecological and spiritual value as well as cultural and intellectual win wins. The authors make a sound case for a more ethical and humane way of conducting business.

Joining Raj Sisodia, the book’s co-author, on the McCuistion program recently were:

Conscious capitalism “practitioners”, Doug Levy: Founder and CEO of MePlusYou and Rand Stage: Managing Partner at the Stagen Leadership Academy.

They addressed the premise of the Conscious Capitalism movement and the four tenets of Conscious Capitalism:

Stakeholder integration

Corporate Culture and Management

Conscious Leadership

Higher Purpose and Core Values

and how these tenets can revolutionize how companies conduct business, which I can personally attest to- having seen many of my clients do so…

View the program here on McCuistion TV site Conscious Capitalism – Part I