Purpose Driven Companies | Conscious Capitalism Part Two

Raj Sisodia , cofounder with John Mackey of the Conscious Capitalism movement joined the McCuistion program once again, along with Whitney Johns Martin: Co-Founder/ Managing Director of Texas Women’s Ventures and conscious capitalism practitioner Scott Miller: President of Interstate Batteries.

Our guests talked about the practical application of conscious capitalism and how organizations can adapt the premise of purpose driven capitalism. A strong emphasis was placed on the how to’s of engaging employees so they are excited and committed to the organization’s mission. As I talk about in my work, employees who are empowered to succeed in meaningful work and are energized and enabled by leadership who cares about their employees well being, practice the organization’s mission. The end result, customers who truly enjoy their experience with the organization, who are loyal, refer the organization to others, and no surprise- the organization is more profitable as a result.

The guests gave examples of their own business experiences and how to put the four tenets of conscious capitalism to work. Again, no surprise, doing good by doing well also leads to lower turnover rates. Whitney mentioned her investment clients look for these tenets in action in the companies they invest in. For many – it’s a big factor in their investment decision making.

Joining in via a previously taped interview was Kip Tindell, CEO of the Container Store. Kip supported the discussion, “We focus on employees first. We feel a moral obligation to make sure they get out of bed in the morning and enjoy their work and are committed to it.”

Thanks Kip- for an essential premise of exceptional customer service- engaging employees, which the Container store proves daily.

View the program here on the McCuistion TV site: Conscious Capitalism Part II