The Legacies of 9/11

A release of The Roots Of War…the Road To Peace-
A documentary on the history of terrorism and the events that led to 9/11
The original and aired version, on

September 11, 2001 was a defining moment in history; a date which has forever changed the landscape in which we live, work, travel, and look at our neighbor and wage war and peace. The question, where were you on 9/11, is one that makes us pause, think and feel as we relive that day.

September 11, 2001, led to a declaration of war; the” war on terrorism”, which has led to America’s embrace of an endless war, in which few anywhere are completely safe. War used to be an aberration. Today it is a way of life that has turned the 21st century into one of persistent conflict. Fueled by radical ideologies, new technologies and homemade weapons, the rules of war have changed.  Our economy has foundered as we put our money into this war, ignoring our infrastructure and social responsibilities.

9/11, led to a personal turning point for me and eventually an odyssey to produce a documentary on the history of terrorism, Al Qaeda and what led to 9/11. Trail by fire, slim budget, my first documentary-   incredible chutzpah- and The Roots of War… the Road to Peace was created- 2006. And protested, days before it was to air on the PBS station our TV program had been on for 16 some- odd years, as unfairly representing Muslims and Islamic ideologies, among other things.

Ultimatums are not palatable, they don’t sit well with me, and my journey to assure it would get aired began. Half a dozen trips to the Middle East and North Africa, hundreds of interviews and conversations, much study, and perhaps a more open and informed mindset, The Roots of War… The Road to Peace finally aired in June of 2009.

Come along for the journey and the stories of the impact 9/11 had on my life.

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Niki Nicastro McCuistion:
Producer/ Director