The Nonprofit Guide to Social Enterprise – Show Me the Unrestricted Money

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What if you could reduce your reliance on traditional funding sources over which you have little or no control?

What if you could develop regular sources of unrestricted income that would allow you and your board to expand services, develop new programs, provide better wages and benefits for staff, and build your organizational capacity?

You can, and you should!!  Savvy nonprofits all across the country are changing from charity-think to tax-exempt-business-think.  Their leaders, both board and staff, have invested in social enterprise to build their organizational capacity and reduce their reliance on traditional funding sources.

Read this book and take the journey.  It will be worth it!

In an economic time when government support and philanthropic dollars from the corporate sector are growing tighter, it has become more important than ever for nonprofits to develop alternative revenue streams if they are to be sustainable. Jean and Niki have put together an extensive cookbook of recipes to help nonprofits determine whether social enterprise should be part of their diet and, if so, which combination of ingredients will work best for them. Nonprofits, like any business, need to be mindful of where every dollar is spent, and by using the tools provided in this book, an organization can save thousands of dollars while building a business model that will generate unrestricted revenue for years to come.

Thank you for generating this inspiring conversation about leveraging the entrepreneurial spirit of the nonprofit community. Once enough readers get this book in their hands, we will all undoubtedly feel the deprivation model of the nonprofit community smoothly shift to one of unstoppable recurring revenue.

- Pam Gerber, Executive Director, Entrepreneurs For North Texas

Join the ranks of savvy and successful nonprofits who have changed their business modelfrom reliance on others to self-reliance.  

Are you tired of funders driving your bus? Jean Block’s and Niki McCuistion’s exciting book will put you back in the driver’s seat to transition from “business as usual” to financial freedom and sustainability. This book is an investment you won’t want to pass up.

- Janette Monear, Executive Director, Texas Tree Foundation

Whether you are launching a start-up as a new social entrepreneur or contemplating ways to reinvigorate an existing enterprise, this practical workbook will take you through the essential considerations of a well-conceived, executable plan.

- Steve Carlson, COO, Café Momentum

This is must reading for any nonprofit leader (paid or volunteer) who wants to ensure their organization is relevant and sustainable. The simple yet serious self-assessment tools in this book should be followed for existing programs as well as (and perhaps before) branching into new enterprises. The authors have provided a clear guide book to help nonprofits cut through the chatter around social enterprise and actually enjoy the benefits to your agency and your clients of engaging in the process of becoming social entrepreneurs. I recommend this as background reading for your next Strategic Planning initiative. Not sold? Read the first and tenth chapters and you will be.

- Cathy Packard, Social Entrepreneur and Nonprofit Executive

Show Me the Unrestricted Money masterfully combines cutting-edge information to show how nonprofit fundraisers can achieve long-term sustainable revenue streams for their organizations. As part of a comprehensive fundraising system, the science of social enterprise as described by Show Me the Unrestricted Money is an essential complement to the art of nonprofit fundraising. I can’t wait to get started on the workbook!

- Patricia Melton, Director of Development and Communications, Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance

Jean Block and Niki McCuistion’s must-read/must-follow manual is perfect for anyorganization looking to implement a social enterprise. This practical guideprompts the reader to take a critical look at their social enterprise ideafrom conception to implementation and gives the reader all the tools andworksheets needed to stay on track.

- Katie Hanners, Senior Director of Business Ventures, Catholic CharitiesFort Worth

Brilliant!  Part call to action and part how-to guide to help nonprofits successfully navigate the changing economy. This book must be on your desk, open, with pages dog-eared!

- Ruth Ann Greuling, MA, College Instructor and Social Enterprise Catalyst